St. Cecilia Centennial Service Projects, 2016-2017

Our St. Cecilia Parish Family has a long-standing tradition of service and care for the needy in our community. As a part of St. Cecilia’s 100th Anniversary celebration we have scheduled one community service project per month from August, 2016 through May of 2017. We ask that families, students, seniors, and individuals prayerfully consider participating in at least one of these service opportunities. Volunteering for these service projects is one way to answer Pope Francis’ recent call for us to live out the gospel by performing corporal works of mercy. Each project will be sponsored by one of our parish ministries. Details of each service project and directions for signing up will be made available a few months before each date. Check out the pictures from some past projects. Let’s come together as a parish family to celebrate our rich heritage of giving to others in need through the following projects:


August 14, 2016

San Francisco Food Bank

Spend an afternoon with your family sorting food at the SF Food Bank. The SF Food Bank collects food from all over the community and provides food to many non-profits, schools, and other community agencies serving the poor, elderly, and those in need.  Our shift runs from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm on Sunday, August 14, 2016.  The address of the food bank is 900 Pennsylvania Avenue, SF, 94107.  Thank you to the 30 St. Cecilia volunteers that have committed to this project. Sponsor: Children’s Faith Formation Contact: Gail Morthole Email:

September 17, 2016

Laguna Honda Hospital - Spiritual Care Program

We will spend two hours with Sr. Dolores of the Pastoral Care Department at Laguna Honda Hospital helping patients to make greeting cards. We will provide materials of card stock and glue. Please bring markers, stickers, and other decorations suitable for making cards. Teenagers and adults are needed. Exact times are to be determined. All volunteer positions have been filled. Thank you to those that are planning to help. Please email Gail Morthole for more details and to sign-up. Sponsor: St. Cecilia School Alumni Board Contact: Gail Morthole Email:

October 14, 2016

Tandem, Partners in Early Learning - Crafting for a Cause

Join other St. Cecilia parishioners for a fun and meaningful volunteer activity by assembling and creating sets of wooden blocks depicting educational characters and leaders.  These wooden block sets will be used by Tandem, Partners in Early Learning. Tandem is a local non-profit organization supporting low-income families to build their children's early literacy and language skills. Volunteers will cut out images, stick them onto wooden blocks, and paint the blocks with mod podge sealant. All materials will be provided. This project will take place on Friday, October 14th from 10:00 am to noon in the the St. Cecilia Collins Center at 2560-18th Avenue. We have space for a maximum of 35 volunteers. Please call Diane or Lisa at the phone numbers below to sign up. Sponsor: Collins Center Contact: Diane Weinkauf  (415-566-2690) and Lisa Shek (415-664-3785)

November 12, 2016  9:15 am - 1:45 pm

St. Anthony’s Dining Room

Volunteers will spend the morning in the dining room serving meals, clearing tables, and helping with other tasks. Volunteers provide Dining Room guests with a nutritious meal and a sense of community. All workers must be age 14 or older. Maximum number of volunteers is 10. The address for St. Anthony's is 121 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102. Sponsor: St. Cecilia Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers Contact: Stephanie Lowe at

December 10, 2016 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Martin De Porres Soup Kitchen

Volunteers will prepare and serve soup to the hungry. Specific tasks are to prepare and serve lunch to guests and to help with clean-up afterwards. The shift is long, but the rewards are long lasting! All workers must be age 18 or older. Maximum number of volunteers is 4.  The address of the soup kitchen is 225 Potrero Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94103. Sponsor: Young Ladies Institute and Young Men's Institute Contact: Stephanie Lowe

January 19, 2017     9:00 am - 12:00 pm 

Catholic Charities - OMI Senior Center

On January 19th ten volunteers from St. Cecilia had a special opportunity to distribute food items to approximately 200 seniors at the Catholic Charities OMI Center of San Francisco.  The Center provides daily lunch, weekly food distribution, and social activities for seniors and disabled adults. One volunteer commented, "I have never done this before, but seeing how the seniors appreciated the free groceries, I feel gratified!" Sponsor: Centennial Planning Parish Council Contact: Lisa Shek

February 10, 2017 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Conard House Inc. - Supportive Housing and Social Services

On February 10, 14 volunteers from the St. Cecilia Chinese Bible Sharing Group and the Chinese Club celebrated Chinese New Year with 45 residents of the Conard House, the first halfway house in San Francisco that serves men and women afflicted with mental health conditions.  Some volunteers arrived early to decorate the different rooms in the building with red envelopes, flowers and fruits. The celebration began with a talent show in which both the volunteers and the residents participated. The volunteers sang a Chinese New Year song, and one volunteer played 'Ode to Joy ' with a harmonica.  Many residents shared their talents in poetry recitals, story-telling, story-telling, and a band performance. The residents were then invited to do an art activity in which they designed a plum blossom tree on paper with black ink and red tissue paper. When done,  the residents were excited to take their artwork home as a souvenir, which also had their names written in Chinese for them.  Lastly, the residents, staff members and the volunteers enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal together. The volunteers were amazed by the hidden talents of the residents who have been living in the margins of society. One volunteer commented, " It was an eye-opening experience that humbled me!" The Volunteer Service Committee is grateful to all the volunteers, especially to Louise Foo, a parent of St. Cecilia School and the Clinical Director of Conard House for making this service project a most meaningful and joyful experience for all. Sponsor: Chinese Bible Sharing Group and Chinese Club Contact: Lisa Shek

March 18, 2017

Golden Gate National Park

Fourteen volunteers gathered at San Francisco's Ocean beach to participate in the Golden Gate Recreation Conservancy beach clean-up. Bucket upon bucket full of trash was removed from the beach. National Park Ranger Marcus Combs thanked our group for helping to preserve a healthy ecosystem for the birds, fish, and mammals at the beach. Special thanks to the League of the Sacred Heart for sponsoring this event. Sponsor: League of the Sacred Heart Contact: Gail Morthole

April 15, 2017

Friends of the Urban Forest

Volunteers will participate in Neighborhood Tree Planting to support the preservation and protection of the environment. Sponsor: Men’s Club Contact: Chris Macdonald and John Gallagher

May 6, 2017

St. Vincent De Paul

Volunteers will serve lunch to people of homelessness, domestic violence and substance abuse. Sponsor: St. Vincent De Paul Society Contact: Walter McCall and John Gallagher


For more information please contact:

Lisa Shek Gail Morthole
Stephanie Lowe John Gallagher